And I think that’s iambic pentameter….

Anyways, it’s 8 pm, and hubby is getting our 2 y/o Babyboy to sleep, which I’m sure means they’re on the seventh reading of “Tough Trucks”. I’m trying to simultaneously entertain our 7-month-old Babygirl while reflecting on the latest  input on Babyboy’s Early Intervention evaluation, which involves writing about it, of course.

So, Babyboy does not say a word, really. Our pediatrician, who is thoughtful, sensitive, and helpful, and whose advice we take very seriously, recommended an Early Intervention eval. So they came and assessed and explained what we sort of knew: he has significant developmental delays in receptive and expressive communication, and appears to have some cognitive delays in certain areas, like perception, attention and memory.

Even though we sort of knew, it was shocking to see it on paper, like a verdict delivered. His scores were pretty low, and me, with my history of almost pathologic academic competitiveness, winced to see scores like “55%”. I felt so sorry for him, so sad.

I felt kind of guilty, too. Maybe we let him watch too much Sprout. Maybe we haven’t engaged with him enough.

But then I have to remember- he’s so young. He can catch up. We’re all gung-ho now. The TV is off. We’ve started to try some signing, feeling very foolish as we realized we’re being inconsistent with our own invented signs, and pretty far off from what the actual signs are supposed to be. But we’re trying. We’re on the floor with him, we’re offering books all the time, we’re brainstorming on stimulating activities for him. This weekend we took him to the little wildlife zoo near our house. This week we plan on going to our local police station open house. Hey, they’re going to have K-9 demos!

And the Early Intervention (EI) folks will be coming. Today they started Music Therapy. I was skeptical when the therapist gave him a xylophone and said, “Play along with me!” I was like, “Riiight.” But he did get the hang of it, and banged on the xylophone when she strummed the guitar. He laughed. They went back and forth, like they were talking, with instruments. I got tears in my eyes.

He’ll get Speech therapy, group interaction, maybe some other services. We’ll also get his hearing tested, and undergo a Developmental eval at the big Children’s Hospital in town. This is all a bit pricey, but we decided not to think about it too much. It just is what it is. It will be worth it.

We feel a bit better now that we’ve met with the EI folks twice, and had some input from Dr. Ben, our pediatrician. We have a plan, and we’re hopeful. But amazing how shocked I was, and lost, at first, despite having completed a pediatrics residency. It’s been a long time, to be sure, and I haven’t practiced Peds for almost a decade. But any medical issue is also a completely different thing when it’s your kid…

And now, I need to turn my attention back to Babygirl, now babbling away in her bouncy chair, trying to catch my eye. She sounds like she’s already saying Mama and Dada. But we’ll pay very close attention to her development now too…