It’s been exactly one week since a deranged young man gunned down twenty first graders and six elementary schoolteachers, as well as his own mother.

More accurate news has come out since then; we now know that all of the dead were killed with multiple bullets from a Bushmaster military-style assault rifle.

There is absoultely no reason for weapons like that to be allowed anywhere in America.

I have signed several petitions in favor of stricter gun laws this week; here is one of the most popular and effective ones, from the We The People website. This is an open-access website that allows anyone to post a petition; if it gathers more than 25,000 signatures, it is guaranteed a  response from the White House. This one, in support of stricter gun legislation, has gathered over 190,000 signatures.

This is my opinion as a doctor and a mother and a rational human being.