OK, so all my handwashing and Emergen-C didn’t prevent me from getting sick. I’m nursing one of those colds that’s going around. Thankful that it’s not this year’s nasty Flu or the dreaded Norovirus. And incredibly thankful that the kids aren’t sick (yet).

I’ve had the runny nose, low-grade fever, headache/ sinus pressure, cough and general fatigue that so many people are plagued with this season. I’m following my usual advice: staying home, taking Dayquil/ Nyquil kind of stuff, drinking tea, eating soup,  and loving the hot steamy shower.

I’m glad to be (just a little) sick.


Well, usually, on my days off from work, I am running, running, running. Up early with one or both kiddos, juggling milky cups and bottle and trying to make STRONG coffee and preparing three age-appropriate breakfasts (Babyboy, Babygirl, me!) as well as feeding two needy and demanding large cats and then trying to get the kitchen in some kind of order, all in a rush. Then the babysitter comes, or Nana takes the kids, and I’m off like the run of the bulls: to the gym, to the grocery, to the pharmacy, to the bank, et cetera, et cetera.

But I can’t- or rather, I refuse- to do all that right now. I’m only 3 days into this, thus I’m likely contagious, so I’m doing the world a favor by staying home (Patients, take heed!). Also, I need to rest. When we’re sick, we need to rest, of course. There’s only so much rest you can get with two little kids, but I’m slowing the pace down, as I’m not in a rush to get out the door. Then, with some help from babysitter/ Nana, I’m laying as low as I can, and just doing light- housey-type-chores.

By virtue of my being sick, my underwear drawer is finally cleaned out and organized (time to throw out all those size- small thongs!); The laundry is well on its way to being done and folded (and even put away); my hair is being colored (cheaper and less time to do it from the box!); the bathroom closet is next on the list (clutter, beware!).

And, this blog post is written!

Now I’m off to the shower.