Home Alone

I’m having a rare and special experience.


I’m home alone.

Well, almost alone. The only other occupants are our two large, emotionally needy cats.

The kids are at school and Hubby is traveling for work. Errands and chores are done: We’re stocked up on essential groceries. I already went to the animal shelter and the gym. I logged into work and answered a very few messages. Laundry happened early this morning. Even the bird feeders are full.  The Christmas tree is up and decorated, me and the kids did that over the weekend. The outside lights are up, ditto. I even made a respectable start with the Christmas shopping with a cyber- spree last week; packages should start rolling in any day.

Essentially, I am in my house alone, and without anything pressing to attend to.

Sure, there’s boards study. I actually cracked open the first workbook a few nights ago, and at the suggestion of my expert test-taker brother, I dove right into the practice questions. Each is written like a little medical mystery to be solved. They’re actually FUN. Last night, I found myself looking forward to the kids’ bedtime so that I could work through a few cardiovascular self-assessment questions. That will be my nighttime post-kids-ritual from now until April.

Christmas cards have to be addressed and sent, but it seems a crime to use precious daylight hours for that. The photo cards, address labels and stamps are all ready to go… that will wait.

I texted a few friends, asking, “Hey, are you working?” and, so far, everyone is, or, at least, they’re not answering. Haven’t made it all the way through the list though.

So, I find myself writing a little blog post, with the plan to take a nice long shower, and maybe even paint my nails! Because I have to pick up the kids at 2:30…. and who knows when I’ll be home alone ever again.



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