A wonderfully written memory by a former labor and delivery nurse… A little story that can only be described as beautifully sad.

Be Inspired

You learn through experience, so it has been proven. The child that touched a hot stove, the injury to the flesh is his teacher. The child can see, feel and touch why he should in the future beware of hot stoves. Of course, there are some words spoken but this lesson is tangible and straightforward. The process by which we learn about emotion, well that can be a different experience all together.

The nursing profession is a wonderful venue for experiences that could, if one was receptive, teach the more difficult life lessons. I value the years I spent completely and solely dedicated to nursing. There are experiences that penetrated my being and have resided there since. Whether labeled “happy” or “sad”, each is equally as vital to my development. I recall this one in particular often.

I could not have been older than 26; I was an eager and…

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