Here is Babyboy in the cockpit of a Boeing 737. He is SO happy when surrounded by electronics, computers, mechanical things…


He’s five years old. He’s loved to take photos on the iPhone for a year or more. He knows how to take bursts, experiments with angles and light. He knows how to post photos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If given a few moments of unsupervised time with my phone or the iPad, he quietly and efficiently takes (and more recently, also posts) photos. Last week, he taught Hubby how to take a screenshot on the iPhone.

But, he can’t play tag. When the kids have time to play on the playground after school, and a spontaneous game of tag erupts, he’ll get tagged almost immediately, and then throw himself on the ground and start crying. I’ve tried to explain the game to him, but he doesn’t get it.

He couldn’t be less interested in playing ball. Babygirl is four, and she will throw and kick and run after any soccer ball, football, baseball, for hours. Loves it.

Today, Babyboy had an appointment with the developmental pediatrician at the specialty hospital downtown. We explained the tag thing and the sports thing. She encouraged us to keep trying, to push him a bit, so his physical strength and coordination didn’t lag behind his peers too much. Her reasoning: If you don;t push him now, the gap will just widen.

Me, I’m torn on this. If he’s a budding computer genius, let him be a budding computer genius. If he’s really into visual arts, let him be into visual arts. I’d love to find classes, camps and clubs in these areas for him.

But somehow, he’s signed up for soccer.

We don’t know. What’s the right approach?