Okay, our five-year-old just wrote a “silly book” (his words) encouraging maximum disobedience, disgusting behavior, and general nastiness. (See the entire thing below.)

Babyboy has been creating “books” for over a year. These are doodles and words that sometimes tell a story, but more often simply follow a theme. We’ve noticed that he deals with events and emotions through these projects. 

He’s been on vacation for a week, with far more parental quality time than usual. This has also meant far more parental discipline time. 

Maybe that’s what triggered this scatalogical specimen: he’s out of his routine, and having a lot of toileting accidents. He just doesn’t get to the bathroom when he’s playing and having fun. This drives us crazy. 

Or maybe it’s backlash against the abundance of children’s books with positive behavioral messages we subject him to, “Sharing is fun!” kind of stuff. It does get annoying…

Or maybe this is a normal developmental stage, for both mildly autistic and neurotypical kids. 

He and Babygirl were rolling with laughter while he made this. Every time he reads it out loud, he collapses with new fits of giggles. 

It is kind of funny, though a little disturbing, too. We love that he loves drawing and writing and creating. But, “Lock your mom in the closet”?

Check it out and let me know what you think. (I translated his kindergarten- level spelling in the captions.)

“Everybody is poopy”
“Poop in your pants”
“Pee in your pants”
“Stick the butt in the face”
“Hiss like a cat”
“Lock your mom in the closet”
“Be mean”
“Do not say nice words”

“Be naughty”