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Cooking With Kids: Homemade Butter

Stuck at home with the kids over the break? This is part recipe, part science experiment, and part educational vacation project. 

Start with heavy cream. Bonus for organic, super bonus for local! Our neighborhood grocery had few options, and so:

Cream and salt are the only ingredients. Half- fill a container that can be covered tightly. A screw- top plastic storage thing or mason jar is perfect. Add some salt to taste, if you like salted butter. Half a teaspoon is fine. 

And shake! Everyone take turns vigorously shaking the cream. It’s between ten and twenty minutes to make butter. 

It’s fun to peek inside at intervals and check your progress. It’ll be whipped in no time: 

So keep shaking!

You’ll go from whipped cream to yellowy- grainy- creamy to a solid ball of butter sitting in buttermilk! When it feels like something’s clunking around, you’re done. Shake it a bit more to get the nice round lump:

Babygirl drank the buttermilk (it’s tasty skimmed milk) and the kids used the fresh butter on their breakfast bagels for a few days. 


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