About Me


I’m Monique Tello M.D., and I’m based in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. I’m a primary care physician, medical school instructor, researcher, writer, and mother, all stimulating jobs that bring rich experiences. I feel very lucky, and very tired.

My main writing focus is healthy lifestyle, which includes nutrition and fitness, self-care, and finding balance. My book Healthy Habits for Your Heart was published in December 2018!

I’m a regular contributor at the Harvard Health Blog, as well as the group blog Mothers In Medicine. I’ve written for  the New England Journal of Medicine Knowledge+ Blog and  Kevin, MD.

My kids are an 8 year old boy with autism (Babyboy) and a 7 year old girl (Babygirl). Hubby is Bob Socci, local sports broadcaster. Then there’s our spoiled rescue cats, Leo and Little Kitty, important family members as well.

My Mission

You know when you’re on an airplane, and the flight attendant gives the pre-flight safety talk? He says: “If the oxygen masks come down, and you are traveling with children or others who need assistance, always place the oxygen mask on yourself first.” Why? Because if you’re going to be of any use to anyone, you need to be breathing.

It took most of my life to achieve some semblance of balance, and I’m happy to share my mistakes made and lessons learned. Lesson number one: you can’t do a good job taking care of others well until you take care of yourself.

Mental and physical health and wellness: These are my goals for my patients, students, children, and myself. I haven’t always been the model of either. It’s an ongoing process, and my life’s work.

No Advertisements, No Solicited Reviews

My academic medical institution does not accept pharmaceutical representatives nor marketing of any kind. In other words, no product pushing, no free samples, no shwag. This is because it is well-known (research-proven, in fact) that when doctors accept these things, they become less objective, and their prescribing habits change.

For this same reason, I do not accept advertising and do not feature solicited services nor products on my blog or website. If I offer an opinion or suggestion for a service or a product, it’s an honest and objective opinion and I don’t get anything for sharing it. Bonus: No annoying ads!