a doctor who is also a mom/ a mom who is also a doctor

About Me

I’m Monique Tello, M.D., and I’m writing from Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America. I’m a primary care physician and a mom, both jobs that demand great attention, and bring rich experiences. I feel very lucky, and very tired. The blog is largely about balancing family and work.

My kids are a 6 1/2 year old boy with autism (Babyboy) and a 5 year old girl (Babygirl). Hubby is Bob Socci, a local sports broadcaster. Then there’s our spoiled rescue cats, Leo and Little Kitty, definitely important family members as well.

I’ve written for other blogs, most recently the New England Journal of Medicine Knowledge+ Blog and also on Kevin, MD.  I am a regular contributor at the Harvard Health Blog, as well as the group blog Mothers In Medicine, devoted to the work/life balance of doctor-moms, and I post as “Genmedmom”.

7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I just discovered your excellent blog and although I am not a doctor, I teach courses in Narrative Medicine in the English Department at the University of South Carolina Sumter. BTW, please do read my blog at It has morphed from my personal story into narrative medicine.

    I wish to cross link with your site. I really like your recent post about the therapeutic benefits of writing.

    Best regards,
    James Borton


  2. Hello! I’ve been reading your posts on MIM for awhile now and just finally popped over to your personal blog. I am currently an MS3 contemplating family medicine vs. internal medicine with the idea that I would like to practice outpatient primary care but possibly dabble in hospitalist medicine or emergency medicine shifts during the earlier parts of my career. I was wondering if you have any posts or could give any insights about how you chose your residency/career path?



    1. Thanks Elaine! I’m sure I do have posts on this, esp on MiM, but can’t dig through at the moment… Honestly, I chose primary care without the scarcest thought about motherhood and family, and as I hit my late 30’s and I realized that was the direction I wanted to go in, I chose a job at a clinic that would accommodate my working part-time. That’s the short story! See what you really like to do, and then you are likely going to be able to mold that to fit your needs as they evolve.

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  3. what a great blog! I am also a doctor and a mom, from Boston, but live in RI now. Work in the armpit of MA (New Bedford). I just started my blog, maybe we can cross reference. 🙂

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