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My name is Monique Tello, and I’m writing from Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America. I’m a primary care physician and a mom, both jobs that demand great attention, and bring rich experiences. I also write regularly for the Mothers in Medicine group blog, and I have posted at Kevin, MD, the New England Journal of Medicine Knowledge+ blog, and the Harvard Health blog.

Miracle… on Snow

The kids have been asking for snowboarding lessons. Even Babyboy, who has no interest in most physical activities, and can’t yet swim, nor ride a bike… Well, he does like hiking, and also trampoline jumping, but not for any length of time… We had gone hiking back in […]

Let Us Arm Ourselves…

It makes me sick. Sick that it’s happened again, that it happens every day, and that there are any questions at all about what’s going on. Though research on this particular public health problem has been (and continues to be) suppressed, investigators have persisted. There are mountains of […]