Life, and Everything in Between

Elizabeth Santospago is ninety-two years old. She is mother to five, grandmother to eleven, great-grandmother to nineteen. She’s been living with my mom, brother, and his family for years– four generations under one roof! and has always enjoyed a special place in the household, literally and figuratively: in […]

A 12 Minute Gift

I wanted to get to the office early, to tackle the formidable tasks on my to-do list. Of course, as soon as I entered the train station, my train was arriving. I booked it through the turnstile and trotted down the stairs and burst out onto the platform…just […]

Guest Blogger: On Sugar Addiction

Does sugar addiction exist? If we look at the basic definition of addiction, it certainly makes sense. Per Psychology Today: Addiction is a condition in which a person uses a substance or engages in a behavior that has such powerfully rewarding effects that they are compelled to keep using […]

Being Active When You’re Too Busy

It’s 2018, and we’re all so super-busy. Me, I’m up against a tight deadline for a 50k-word writing project, seeing patients in clinic 3-4 sessions per week, and mothering two little kids. But I’m sneaking in activity, because I have to. Exercise is medicine, critical for our psychological, […]

Take a walk

Walking offers so many physical and mental health benefits. But usually, I don’t make time to just take a walk. Lately, I’ve been trying. About two workaday mornings a week, I hop off the train one stop before the hospital and power-walk through town. I’m no photographer, but […]

From Scavengers to Students

Our armed guard went first, peering behind crumbling mausoleums and around trash- covered bushes; then, satisfied that no thugs were lying in wait, he waved us on. We left our bags and phones in the van, and picked our way down the dirt path to the edge of […]