An Update on Physician Depression and Suicide: Shining a Light on a Dark Problem

Many of us were seriously concerned about an anonymous surgery resident who blogs at They had written a post titled “Physician Depression and Suicide II” that sounded, frankly, suicidal. Calls went out on Twitter, doctor Facebook groups, and this blog to send messages of support to this […]

Finally… An entire book by and for doctor-moms (& applicable to all working moms)

I’m extremely proud to announce that the Mothers in Medicine book is now available for ordering on Amazon as well as from Springer publishing!* This comprehensive work represents a massive effort by physician- mom and editor at the Mothers in Medicine blog Katherine Chretien, as well as group […]

The Revolutionary New Year’s Resolution

It’s almost 2018. Per data from Google searches and Twitter trends, hundreds of thousands of people are committing  to change something about themselves. Of course there’s the usual health-oriented ones like Exercise more, Eat healthy, Lose weight, Drink less, Quit smoking. And the practical Save more/ Spend less. I’m […]

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