Release Date: December, 2018
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It’s true—healthy lifestyle changes can be as effective as prescription medications, and without the costs and side effects. Breaking old, bad habits and establishing new, healthy ones is possible! This book shows you how to create your own safe, healthy, realistic lifestyle-change program. You’ll learn about the heart and heart disease and how the risk factors for heart disease can be impacted by your lifestyle choices. You’ll learn why you may want to make changes and how you can make those changes last. You’ll see the evidence behind specific recommendations and how to break it all down into everyday habits. You will learn simple and straightforward ways to:
• Manage stress and relax
• Sleep longer and better
• Form and improve relationships
• Enjoy healthy food
• Move more, more easily
• Live smarter
And more. In this book, there are 100 habits that will keep your heart—and the rest of your body, for that matter—healthy and happy.


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