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Caffeine, Wonder Drug

I came across this nifty research review article while writing a post for Harvard Health Blog. Ah, caffeine. What a fascinating little chemical! Don’t feel like reading an eighteen-page scientific paper? Here’s the gist of it: Anything you thought your cup of coffee was doing for you, it […]

Run for your life

Even if you’re overweight, smoke cigarettes, and drink, daily running can extend your life. Don’t think you’re in shape to run? Just five minutes a day is enough to see a significant effect.  There is a growing body of scientific evidence suggesting that people who lace up and […]

Primary Care Specialist

A physician colleague posted about what being a primary care doc means to her. I read this on my morning commute, and was moved to tears. Though I’m internal medicine and she’s family practice, how she describes all the different types of little things we do every day […]