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Doctors Are Being Cyberbullied: Why That’s Bad, and How We’re Fighting Back

I’m being cyberbullied. On August 8th, a colleague had posted a video on Instagram for National Immunization Month, and was bombarded with nasty comments and negative fake reviews from anti-vaccine activists. She reached out to our physician group on Facebook for backup. Many of us rushed to support her on the Instagram […]

Hatred Is a Disease. What Is the Cure?

Hatred is spreading like an epidemic across the country. Just this past week, the United States has had another horrific mass shooting, and multiple attempted assassinations. The shooter targeted Jewish Americans at a synagogue; the mail bomber targeted prominent Democrats. What do the alleged perpetrators have in common? […]

And this is basically what my entire blog is about…

Many, many thanks to Dhruv Khullar, physician-researcher-writer, for this (finally!) painfully true yet refreshingly validating New York Times Op-Ed titled Being a Doctor is Hard. It’s Harder for Women. He (yes, he’s a he) reviews the statistics and scientific evidence showing all the different ways it’s harder, from […]

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