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This is so beautiful, I almost cried

I’ve been feeling heavy, physically and emotionally. For months, I’ve been mired in a much-desired massive writing project, my first book. Yes, it’s amazing and awesome and I’m thrilled. But it’s been really hard to fit research and writing into the small spaces between clinical work, parenting, and […]

R & R

It’s been a rough stretch. A massive writing deadline met; a busy on-call week; my dear grandmom’s stroke, passing, and funeral. It’s rare for me to sign out of clinic for more than a week, and usually I feel guilty. This time, plagued by TMJ headaches, neck and […]

A 12 Minute Gift

I wanted to get to the office early, to tackle the formidable tasks on my to-do list. Of course, as soon as I entered the train station, my train was arriving. I booked it through the turnstile and trotted down the stairs and burst out onto the platform…just […]

Take a walk

Walking offers so many physical and mental health benefits. But usually, I don’t make time to just take a walk. Lately, I’ve been trying. About two workaday mornings a week, I hop off the train one stop before the hospital and power-walk through town. I’m no photographer, but […]

Getting Myself O.O.B.

How many times over the years have I written variations of the hospital order O.O.B.? Like, “O.O.B. to chair w assistance b.i.d.” In regular English, this is a medical directive to the nursing staff to “Please assist the patient in arising out of the hospital bed and making […]