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Multitasking My Run

Most Saturday mornings, Hubby and the kids do cartoons and breakfast, while I work out my weeks’ accumulated stress and sedentary achiness.  Today, I ran a favorite route: a hilly road featuring a nice smooth sidewalk, stately homes, and a well- kept Trustees park overlooking the river, and Boston […]

Oh, the irony

We all have those exercise- obsessed patients who continue training despite illness and injury, which generally doesn’t go well. How many times have I stood shaking my head at the physically fit, but really sick, athletically- inclined patient, thinking Duh, if you’re feverish and coughing and short of […]

Run for your life

Even if you’re overweight, smoke cigarettes, and drink, daily running can extend your life. Don’t think you’re in shape to run? Just five minutes a day is enough to see a significant effect.  There is a growing body of scientific evidence suggesting that people who lace up and […]