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R & R

It’s been a rough stretch. A massive writing deadline met; a busy on-call week; my dear grandmom’s stroke, passing, and funeral. It’s rare for me to sign out of clinic for more than a week, and usually I feel guilty. This time, plagued by TMJ headaches, neck and […]

A Good Life, Remembered

Three weeks after suffering a massive stroke, my grandmother Elizabeth Santospago (née Munn) has passed away. She was 92 years old. No one would argue the fact that Elizabeth had some incredibly tough life experiences. Not many people could suffer part of their childhood in a depression-era orphanage […]

Life, and Everything in Between

Elizabeth Santospago is ninety-two years old. She is mother to five, grandmother to eleven, great-grandmother to nineteen. She’s been living with my mom, brother, and his family for years– four generations under one roof! and has always enjoyed a special place in the household, literally and figuratively: in […]

Getting Myself O.O.B.

How many times over the years have I written variations of the hospital order O.O.B.? Like, “O.O.B. to chair w assistance b.i.d.” In regular English, this is a medical directive to the nursing staff to “Please assist the patient in arising out of the hospital bed and making […]