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Being Active When You’re Too Busy

It’s 2018, and we’re all so super-busy. Me, I’m up against a tight deadline for a 50k-word writing project, seeing patients in clinic 3-4 sessions per week, and mothering two little kids. But I’m sneaking in activity, because I have to. Exercise is medicine, critical for our psychological, […]

Shake (Run, Stretch) It Off

My blogging bandwidth was squeezed considerably by clinical and personal stressors  this past week. I was on call for our practice, and while there were few actual pages, they were mostly middle-of-the-night legitimate medical problems. Like, Doctor, I’m coughing up blood; as opposed to Doctor, I’m having trouble […]

Actively on Vacation

It’s hard for many doctors to “unplug” from clinical duties. And it can be hard for anyone to be physically active when they’re away. But last week, we were actively on vacation in every sense of the phrase. And it felt wonderful. The week prior, I had had to […]