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Chicago Tribune article by Claire Altschuler: Physician moms Hala Sabry, Uzma Yunus, Eleni Linos, Rachel Salas and Monique Tello discuss struggling in a male-dominated culture.

AAMCNews article by Dinah Weisenberg Brin: Report on physician mothers in the “diversity and inclusion” section of the American Academy of Medical College’s Newsletter, featuring Katherine Chretien, Hala Sabry and Monique Tello.


NPR article and podcast: It’s long been known that vitamin D helps protect our bones, but the question of whether taking vitamin D supplements helps guard immunity has been more controversial.Vitamin D supplements may reduce the risks of catching colds

Harvard Health Blog podcast: Feeling blue is normal. Bouts of sadness, disinterest, or lack of motivation happen to everyone. But when those feelings persist for more than two weeks, it’s more than just a run-of-the-mill bad day. It’s depression. That’s why diagnosis and treatment of depression is so important. Today we sit down with psychiatrist Guy Maytal and primary care physician Monique Tello, both from Massachusetts General Hospital. They’re here to help us fully understand depression and the different treatment options for anyone suffering from persistent blues.

Beyond the Manuscript Podcast: This Beyond the Manuscript podcast is with Valencia Remple of the British Columbia Center for Disease Control and lead author of, “Conducting HIV, AIDS Research with Indoor Commercial Sex Workers Reaching a Hidden Population,” and Soni Thindal, program coordinator for Project ORCHID of the Asian Society for the Intervention of AIDS in Vancouver, British Columbia. Monique Tello, Associate Editor and Senior Clinical Fellow at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, conducted the interview.