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In Shock by Rana Awdish: A Five-Star Book Review.

In Shock by physician author Rana Awdish was just published in October 2017, and already this remarkable memoir has garnered widespread praise from patients and providers alike. It’s being incorporated into the curricula at several medical schools, and is used in healthcare provider communication courses all over the world. […]

Finally… An entire book by and for doctor-moms (& applicable to all working moms)

I’m extremely proud to announce that the Mothers in Medicine book is now available for ordering on Amazon as well as from Springer publishing!* This comprehensive work represents a massive effort by physician- mom and editor at the Mothers in Medicine blog Katherine Chretien, as well as group […]

Should we let our kid hang out by himself most of the time?

Babyboy will spend all day lying on the floor reading Captain Underpants and then creating his own silly comic books, if we let him. Yes, he interacts with his little sister, and occasionally they create fantastic narratives using Legos, matchbox cars, and plastic animal figurines. Sometimes, they work […]

When The Sky Is Falling… How Do You Tell Your Kids?

Our public library is now in regular and highly anticipated rotation. We take both kids, and we walk out of there with ridiculous piles of children’s books. I never noticed this before, but in reading aloud to my two trusting and sheltered preschoolers, I’ve realized that many classic tales and fables are kind of […]

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