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Points Charts for Kids’ Behavior Issues: An Easy Method That’s Working for Us

We’ve been struggling with end-of-summer-unstructured-days-dysregulated kids (see previous post). A friend of mine, also a doc-mom of kids who fight with each other, shared the system that’s worked wonders for them: It’s a simple points system, with one, two, or three points awarded for acts of kindness. She […]

Should we let our kid hang out by himself most of the time?

Babyboy will spend all day lying on the floor reading Captain Underpants and then creating his own silly comic books, if we let him. Yes, he interacts with his little sister, and occasionally they create fantastic narratives using Legos, matchbox cars, and plastic animal figurines. Sometimes, they work […]

“You’re a raspberry!” – On defiance and other difficult kid behaviors

I never know how to respond to my kids’ difficult behaviors. Or, rather, how to correctly respond. Despite¬†the myriad parenting books, websites and blogs I’ve turned to, plus our pediatrician, a child psychologist, and ¬†friends, I don’t ever know what’s the right thing to do. Examples? Babyboy’s been […]

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