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“Give Me The F#@%ing Banana!”

And I didn’t say floating, flying, or farting. It snowed yesterday, Saturday. I had had plans.  We were expecting a parade of potential babysitters (I’m interviewing for a regular Saturday afternoon sitter), and then I was going to take the kids to the library. But, it snowed. It’s […]

Let Them Draw On The Walls!

Babyboy has been a little bundle of creative energy. We keep running out of paper, he draws so many pictures a day. As a matter of fact, for lack of plain paper handy, he drew this picture on his bedroom wall. I was interviewing a babysitting candidate at […]

Managing The Mall

How cliche is this: Our kids are growing so fast. But really, they are growing so fast. Babyboy is busting through his sneakers. Literally. There are holes in the seams at the toes because his feet are pushing through them. But I have made the mistake of skipping […]

The Wisdom of the Elders

Babygirl is learning to walk! She’s exactly one year old and has the independent streak of a pre-teen. I walk in the door and scoop her up,  my smiling fuzzy pink bundle, and it’s one snuggle from her, then “Ok mom, I’m outta here.” She wants to be […]