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Being Active When You’re Too Busy

It’s 2018, and we’re all so super-busy. Me, I’m up against a tight deadline for a 50k-word writing project, seeing patients in clinic 3-4 sessions per week, and mothering two little kids. But I’m sneaking in activity, because I have to. Exercise is medicine, critical for our psychological, […]

Getting Myself O.O.B.

How many times over the years have I written variations of the hospital order O.O.B.? Like, “O.O.B. to chair w assistance b.i.d.” In regular English, this is a medical directive to the nursing staff to “Please assist the patient in arising out of the hospital bed and making […]

60 Minutes A Day!

Both of my kids have carefully curated candy caches. Halloween is a week past, but those piles of sugar and fat haven’t shrunk much. Babyboy is more interested in organizing and displaying his (he keeps building a “candy store” in the living room), and Babygirl tends to try […]