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Actively on Vacation

It’s hard for many doctors to “unplug” from clinical duties. And it can be hard for anyone to be physically active when they’re away. But last week, we were actively on vacation in every sense of the phrase. And it felt wonderful. The week prior, I had had to […]

Creature Beach

This past week has been chock full of Cape-Coddy type adventures, but the favorite so far is the salt marsh beach down the street. Just as Babyboy’s anticipatory book predicted, there are many creatures at this beach. Give each kid a net and they’re off for hours of […]

Long-Distance Doctoring

It’s hard to really be there for anyone, when it’s over the phone. We traveled to Hubby’s hometown this weekend for our annual Memorial day weekend family get-together, and also to spend quality time with his mom, who has had serious health issues recently. When she first became […]

Vacation… All I Ever Wanted?

Let’s face it, working parents. A “family vacation” is a bit of an oxymoron.  Multiple consecutive days on around-the-clock kid duty is wonderful, but not particularly restful. I admit, by the last day of our seven days at the beach, I was kind of looking forward to being […]