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Life, and Everything in Between

Elizabeth Santospago is ninety-two years old. She is mother to five, grandmother to eleven, great-grandmother to nineteen. She’s been living with my mom, brother, and his family for years– four generations under one roof! and has always enjoyed a special place in the household, literally and figuratively: in […]

To Celebrate a Life

It was my cousin John Vincent Sciaba’s birthday last week; he would have been thirty- five. He had gone out hiking in early February, and disappeared; in March, his undisturbed body was found in the forest, where he had laid down to sleep under a tree. This weekend, […]

Lost… and sadly, found

It is with deep sadness that I write this update to my February 19th post. A quick summary: On February 3rd, 2017, my thirty-four year old cousin John Vincent Sciaba went for a winter hike on his own land in rural Newfield, Maine. This is what he did […]

When There’s Just A Lot Going On

I’ve started several posts in the last week, but every time, something more important happened that I wanted to write about, so nothing got finished. There’s been a lot going on in clinic, and at home. Clinic has been both scattershot and intense, a wildly varied assortment of cases: I […]