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Multitasking My Run

Most Saturday mornings, Hubby and the kids do cartoons and breakfast, while I work out my weeks’ accumulated stress and sedentary achiness.  Today, I ran a favorite route: a hilly road featuring a nice smooth sidewalk, stately homes, and a well- kept Trustees park overlooking the river, and Boston […]

Shake (Run, Stretch) It Off

My blogging bandwidth was squeezed considerably by clinical and personal stressors¬† this past week. I was on call for our practice, and while there were few actual pages, they were mostly middle-of-the-night legitimate medical problems. Like, Doctor, I’m coughing up blood; as opposed to Doctor, I’m having trouble […]

Oh, the irony

We all have those exercise- obsessed patients who continue training despite illness and injury, which generally doesn’t go well. How many times have I stood shaking my head at the physically fit, but really sick, athletically- inclined patient, thinking Duh, if you’re feverish and coughing and short of […]

Run for your life

Even if you’re overweight, smoke cigarettes, and drink, daily running can extend your life. Don’t think you’re in shape to run? Just five minutes a day is enough to see a significant effect.  There is a growing body of scientific evidence suggesting that people who lace up and […]

0.88 Miles

Friday morning, 6:20 a.m. I was standing on the train in my favorite spot, leaning against the back wall while holding my coffee mug and staring at my smartphone. At Park Street, one stop away from the hospital station, the train lurched and halted and the crackly voice […]

60 Minutes A Day!

Both of my kids have carefully curated candy caches. Halloween is a week past, but those piles of sugar and fat haven’t shrunk much. Babyboy is more interested in organizing and displaying his (he keeps building a “candy store” in the living room), and Babygirl tends to try […]