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The Garden Project: Priceless

Our almost accidental 4′ by 8′ foot backyard garden is now an almost endless source of everything: education, entertainment, nutrition…  The kids are still so excited about it! They poke around in there every day to see what’s growing, and this week, they were thrilled to discover a […]

Trust That They’ll Grow

Yes, there are still piles of dirty snow in parking lots and the shadiest corners of yards. And it did snow again this week, a wintry mix that was more wintry than mix. But it’s as clear as the antihistamines flying off the pharmacy shelves: Spring is here, […]

The Sweetest Nature

It was Tuesday evening, and we were in the family tag-team process of clearing and cleaning supper dishes/ preparing kids’ lunches/ picking up toys/ herding kids upstairs to the bath. Hubby and I had both come home from work on the later side, and my mother could only […]