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Primary Care Specialist

A physician colleague posted about what being a primary care doc means to her. I read this on my morning commute, and was moved to tears. Though I’m internal medicine and she’s family practice, how she describes all the different types of little things we do every day […]

When Doctors Screw Up

Just recently, I called a patient to tell them that my error had probably resulted in a delay in the diagnosis of their serious medical illness.* As soon as I had realized the error, I had thought and thought about how to broach the topic with them. Finally, […]

Intolerance Will Not Be Tolerated

“Those people… the problems of this country start with those people. Send ’em all away is what I say! Round ’em up and get ’em outta here!” Her face was scrunched up, cheeks aflame, and she was practically spitting. My patient’s demeanor had transformed from unpleasantly dour to […]

When There’s Just A Lot Going On

I’ve started several posts in the last week, but every time, something more important happened that I wanted to write about, so nothing got finished. There’s been a lot going on in clinic, and at home. Clinic has been both scattershot and intense, a wildly varied assortment of cases: I […]

Primary Care: Personal Attention vs. Paperwork

The doctor-patient relationship is emphasized and idolized throughout medical training. Students and residents study and even dream about how they will interview, examine, and relate to their very own patients, when they are attendings. They do not worry about paperwork. But every physician deals with loads of paperwork every day. From […]