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Is This Normal?

Okay, our five-year-old just wrote a “silly book” (his words) encouraging maximum disobedience, disgusting behavior, and general nastiness. (See the entire thing below.) Babyboy has been creating “books” for over a year. These are doodles and words that sometimes tell a story, but more often simply follow a […]

365 Days Of Potty Training

It was July 29, 2014 that I wrote about our first weekend attempt to get Babyboy out of diapers.  We used an excellent book on toilet training for autistic children called Ready, Set, Potty by Brenda Batts that was quite helpful. Babyboy did very well, and used the potty […]

Parental Flailing

It’s almost 9 p.m. on a school night, and my kids are jumping up and down on their beds. We started the bedtime routine at least an hour and a half ago. Hubby has a sinus infection, and I’m just…. done. Neither of our kids is toilet trained. […]

Toilet Training: A Crash Course

We didn’t plan to start toilet training our preschooler this Sunday. We’ve made attempts before, sort of lame attempts, just put him in underwear and make a potty available and waited for it to work out. Seven changes of clothes later, we gave up.   So, my latest […]