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Primary Care Specialist

A physician colleague posted about what being a primary care doc means to her. I read this on my morning commute, and was moved to tears. Though I’m internal medicine and she’s family practice, how she describes all the different types of little things we do every day […]

Primary Care S.W.A.T. Team

It’s always awkward when a patient of mine who is hospitalized somewhere else calls me to complain about their care there. I’m obligated, of course, to check into the situation. But, I don’t have power or jurisdiction “somewhere else”. So recently, when a patient’s family called my office […]

Primary Care Provider/ Therapist

I was driving in a neighboring town last week, and I noticed a sign on an office building: Metropolis¬†Primary Care and Counseling:¬†Your Medical and Psychological Resource* I chuckled to myself. Brilliant! Of course, why not put it right out there. Possibly 75% of my job as an M.D. […]