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A Very Norovirus Christmas

It was two weeks ago that our hospital sent the outbreak alert email, and I wrote a whole post about the best methods for avoiding the dreaded Norovirus. I distinctly remember joking with a colleague: Ha! With our luck, we’ll all have it just in time for Christmas. […]

Doctor-Mom Fails

  We seem to be stuck in an endless cycle of GI bug and/or upper respiratory illness and/or medical crisis of some kind or another. Every night this week has had major disruptions with one or more of us hacking, or puking, or both. And I’m just not […]

My Poor Sick Pooky

Many doctor-moms tend to be laid-back about sickness and injuries.  If not laid-back, then at least, non-alarmist. After all, what is medical school and residency but learning to recognize sick vs not sick. Sick is real, acute illness, and actually, isn’t that common. Not sick is most patients.  […]