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Snow Woes and Pros

You may have heard of the “Bomb Cyclone” hurricane-style blizzard we on the East Coast were treated to yesterday. To the hardy New Englander, the snow totals were no biggie. It was the wind and the storm surge that caused the most problems. A significant storm surge is […]

Snowstorms and Celebrations

Oh my goodness. Goodness goodness. Today was a snow day in every possible way: a day of no school, no work, much celebrating, and snow. A whole lotta snow. Last night, Hubby enjoyed endless confetti snow as his team won the most heart-attack provoking Superbowl game ever. I […]

Blizzards and Blessings

We had a major blizzard with a ton of snow yesterday. It was all over the news and the major topic of any conversation for days. Everyone was running around crazy. And anyone I ran into asked me something along these lines: “How jealous are you that your […]