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From Scavengers to Students

Our armed guard went first, peering behind crumbling mausoleums and around trash- covered bushes; then, satisfied that no thugs were lying in wait, he waved us on. We left our bags and phones in the van, and picked our way down the dirt path to the edge of […]

Hurricane Harvey: How We Can Help

The rescue and assistance request posts are heartbreaking, and there are so, so many of them every day. I belong to a nationwide (international, actually) physician Facebook group over 60K members strong. When local emergency services were overwhelmed by the impossible number of calls, people turned to social […]

Multitasking My Run

Most Saturday mornings, Hubby and the kids do cartoons and breakfast, while I work out my weeks’ accumulated stress and sedentary achiness.  Today, I ran a favorite route: a hilly road featuring a nice smooth sidewalk, stately homes, and a well- kept Trustees park overlooking the river, and Boston […]

Attitude Is Everything

We can learn a lot from animals. Here is Salter, my current favorite resident of our local animal shelter. This friendly feline was surrendered by a family after suffering for days, if not weeks, with an open infected leg fracture. When I first met him, he’d just had […]