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Hurricane Harvey: How We Can Help

The rescue and assistance request posts are heartbreaking, and there are so, so many of them every day. I belong to a nationwide (international, actually) physician Facebook group over 60K members strong. When local emergency services were overwhelmed by the impossible number of calls, people turned to social […]

Multitasking My Run

Most Saturday mornings, Hubby and the kids do cartoons and breakfast, while I work out my weeks’ accumulated stress and sedentary achiness.  Today, I ran a favorite route: a hilly road featuring a nice smooth sidewalk, stately homes, and a well- kept Trustees park overlooking the river, and Boston […]

Attitude Is Everything

We can learn a lot from animals. Here is Salter, my current favorite resident of our local animal shelter. This friendly feline was surrendered by a family after suffering for days, if not weeks, with an open infected leg fracture. When I first met him, he’d just had […]