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Oh, the irony

We all have those exercise- obsessed patients who continue training despite illness and injury, which generally doesn’t go well. How many times have I stood shaking my head at the physically fit, but really sick, athletically- inclined patient, thinking Duh, if you’re feverish and coughing and short of […]

A Miraculous Cure for a Cough?

I’ve been coughing for three weeks now, gross gacking fits productive of thick wads and plugs of mucous. Lovely. It’s a combo of postnasal drip and reactive airways, a cough triggered from above and below. I’ve learned that I better stay on top of the decongestants and inhalers, […]

A Very Norovirus Christmas

It was two weeks ago that our hospital sent the outbreak alert email, and I wrote a whole post about the best methods for avoiding the dreaded Norovirus. I distinctly remember joking with a colleague: Ha! With our luck, we’ll all have it just in time for Christmas. […]