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Everything Happens For A Reason

Yesterday, Wednesday, was supposed to be a short, easy workday, just a morning teaching session at the medical school, observing students role-playing taking a sexual history. No finding inpatients to interview, no running around the hospital, no taking notes for meaningful feedback, and no checking in at the office. […]

Heavy Stuff

What a clinically heavy week it’s been. There were two sudden and unexpected deaths… After the shock, the first things I thought of as the primary care doctor in both cases were: What did I do wrong? Did something I did or didn’t do contribute to this person’s death? I […]

An Open Letter To My Fellow Commuters

I have promised my patients, colleagues, friends, family, neighbors, and everyone that I will never personally attack anyone on this site. But I reserve the right to shame anonymous members of the general public for their bad behavior. I’ve been taking the train (the Boston subway line is affectionately nicknamed the “T”) […]