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Finally… An entire book by and for doctor-moms (& applicable to all working moms)

I’m extremely proud to announce that the Mothers in Medicine book is now available for ordering on Amazon as well as from Springer publishing!* This comprehensive work represents a massive effort by physician- mom and editor at the Mothers in Medicine blog Katherine Chretien, as well as group […]

Points Charts for Kids’ Behavior Issues: An Easy Method That’s Working for Us

We’ve been struggling with end-of-summer-unstructured-days-dysregulated kids (see previous post). A friend of mine, also a doc-mom of kids who fight with each other, shared the system that’s worked wonders for them: It’s a simple points system, with one, two, or three points awarded for acts of kindness. She […]

Yes, medicine is a life’s work. But so is mothering. Working part-time is choosing to excel at both.

Every one of the docs in my internal medicine practice is part-time. Yes, many of us have other non-clinical work responsibilities in administration, education, or research. But no one sees patients for more than six sessions weekly. What does that mean? A session is a morning or an […]

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