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Shake (Run, Stretch) It Off

My blogging bandwidth was squeezed considerably by clinical and personal stressors  this past week. I was on call for our practice, and while there were few actual pages, they were mostly middle-of-the-night legitimate medical problems. Like, Doctor, I’m coughing up blood; as opposed to Doctor, I’m having trouble […]

Deserving Couch Potatoes

Last night, for the first time in as long as we can both remember, maybe over six or eight months, Hubby and I sat down on the couch for an hour and watched television. Together. While drinking wine. And conversing. Without interruption. Miraculous! We completely ignored the overwhelming […]

Heavy Stuff

What a clinically heavy week it’s been. There were two sudden and unexpected deaths… After the shock, the first things I thought of as the primary care doctor in both cases were: What did I do wrong? Did something I did or didn’t do contribute to this person’s death? I […]